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SEE Group :

46-48 chemin de la bruyère, 69570 – Dardilly – France

+(33) 4 75 31 84 60

SEE France :

46-48 chemins de la bruyères, 69570 – Dardilly – France

+(33) 4 75 31 84 60

SEE France :

Our team is based nationwide to offer you the best local services, wherever you are. The company’s head office based in Lyon offers us a strategic meeting point for our international exchanges.

In Lens Lestang, our team is dedicated for manufacturing, R&D, software and hardware solutions in critical communications. A second production facility is located in Prades, near the Spanish border,holding by our subsidiary SELECOM, where electronic fixed or embedded equipments for use in confined areas and harsh environment markets are designedand produced. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 compliant.

In order to provide the best service, two maintenance centers are located in Le Mans and Orléans which ensure rapid intervention and deployment throughout France.

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