A mining infrastructureis a closed and confined environment in which radio and mobilewavesdo not propagate.In a case of urgent situations that require the support of the emergency services such as the police, fire brigades and ambulances, a robust and reliable cellular and radio communications system is required to communicate within underground facilities.

At SEE, we deliver multi-operator and multi band wireless coverage systems, whether these are VHF or UHF, to interconnect the networks and make them operate together. Our role is to bring whatever network it is (GSM, TETRA, 3G, 4G-LTE or broadcast FM) inside complex and challenging tunnel environments, and to ensure continuity of service.Whether antenna networks or radiating cable, our equipment takes into account all operational constraints.


Unified Radio, Audio, Data Dispatch solution.

SEE offers you a complete set of solutions.

SEE offers you a complete set of solutions to extend the continuity of your outdoor radio coverage service.

Use cases

Isolated Worker Protection (IWP)

Job ticketing

Unified communication platform

Indoor / outdoor geolocation

Data transmission

Remote control

Radio messaging

Alarm messaging and feedback

Event reporting

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