With a global network of local system integrators and service centers all over the world, we provide to our customers with the complete management of their project,  from the initial pre-engineering study and proof of concept through to after-sales maintenance and service.

Radio coverage studies & Measures :

In order to deploy a wireless network infrastructure, a coverage study must be carried out to optimize the choice of radio sites (location, power…) offering a quality of service meeting the expected need.

In order to assist our customers in solving their indoor and outdoor coverage problems, we are equipped with powerful radio propagation simulation software.

Our service includes the following elements : measurement of coverage of existing sites, coverage study by computer or physical simulation, data processing and analysis, reporting of anomalies encountered and provision of solutions.

Our key advantages :

·         Complete coverage studies, verified and adapted to the terrain.

·         Expertise in radio issues and simulation/analysis tools.

·         Advice and solutions adapted to your needs.


Dedicated to provide you the most efficient radio and mobile solution for your activities, the SEE Group orchestrate the installation or maintenance of your networks and ensure their interoperability in all circumstances. With a team composed of multi-disciplinary experienced Ph.D., engineers and technicians, weprovide toour customers our expertise in radio frequency, electronic, mechanical and software design.

Based on the core belief that our real success is derived from long term trust and strong relationships, we are devoted to designing and manufacturing the highest quality industrialized products for critical and mobile applications. ISO 9001 compliant, our systems comply with a rigorous quality standard and are in constant progression : they evolve with the progress of technology and adapt to the evolution of your activities.

Installation Support :

Since we install our own products, our teams master all the components necessary to set up an efficient network. They manage numerous and varied deployments in their entirety, throughout France and around the world thanks to the establishment of local service centersand integrators.

Supply, storage, logistics, transport, integration, dismantling, repair and recycling… Your project is entirely taken care of by a team that knows all its specificities.

Project Management :

With two service and logistics centers based in France, we provide to our customers with the complete management of their project, from the initial pre-engineering study and proof of concept through to after-sales maintenance and service. Composed of several radiocommunication engineers and several computer scientists, our technical team is at your disposal to answer your problems related to your projects, to improve or renovate your existing systems and specific new means.

Engineering :

Thanks to our 50 years experience, we are always innovating and 30% of our team are dedicated to R&D. We design and manufacture best in class, innovative hardware and software solutions. Our know-how in radio communications is second to none the active (radio transmitters) and passive domains (radio antennas, couplers, duplexers and diplexers).

Network Integration & Deployment :

Deployment services focus on the installation of networks and the operation of applications. Our solid expertise enables us to offer you relevant offers and long-lasting solutions with quality equipment.

Maintenance & Commissioning :

To support you in your quality approach we offer a monitoring and maintenance service. Even beyond simple maintenance or troubleshooting, we offer a real follow-up of your radio sets, both technically and financially.

In our approach to the maintenance of your mobile and radio equipment, we offer both preventive and curative maintenance services. The first allows us to check that the installation does not drift by carrying out periodic checks. As for curative maintenance (with or without schedule constraints – on-call duty), it consists of remote troubleshooting assistance or directly on site via the deployment of our technicians expert in their field.

Each customer request for intervention is treated according to the operating mode specific to his company, and is followed by an estimate for the intervention. Then, each field intervention is organized in agreement with the customer, taking into account his constraints in order to limit the inconveniences caused as much as possible. Following the intervention, a CRI is signed by the customer to finalize the intervention and a technical intervention report is sent to detail the operations carried out and/or investments to be planned.

Training :

Throughout your project, benefit from the expertise and pedagogy of our teams in order to be autonomous on your projects.

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