Railway operators use radio and mobile communication systems both for freight transport operations, for passenger transport operations, in particular in stations, or for the management of worksite operations in connection with the construction of new tracks or for maintenance operations.

We offer solutions that enable radio relay to succeed and complete deployment of freight systems following the ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System). We equip the trains with TETRA standard radio sets which allow the train drivers to be permanently in contact with the conductors throughout the reversing operation of the train.

We also master the management of GSM-R network, specific to railway sector requirements, which allows trains to communicate with rail traffic control stations, driving, running and maintenance staff in conference mode (group calls), and allows the support of data type applications.

Regarding on-board coverage, we ensure mobile communications for transport users so they can enjoy a 3G, 4G or WiFi connection on their phone, tablet or laptop while traveling, even at high speed.


Replacing multiple terminals with one smart embedded edge computer.

SEE offers you a complete set of solutions to extend the continuity of your indoor radio coverage service.

SEE offers you a complete set of solutions.

Audio, video and DATA dispatcher supervision system centralises all your information using a single application.

SEE offers you a complete set of solutions to extend the continuity of your outdoor radio coverage service.

Use cases

SNCF – Ensuring continuity of service for public safety and railway network operators

SNCF – 4G-LTE Coverage radio measurement for Montrouge technicenter

RATP Railways (1/4/14)– RF/RF and TETRA Radio infrastructure

Kontron Transportation France – Radio infrastructure RF/RF and RF/FO equipment

Orange – SNCF / France – TGV line : Dijon – Mulhouse

Barcelona train station / Spain – TETRA coverage extension

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