Smart Cities


Those urban areas  uses different types of electronic Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect datafrom citizens, devices, and assets. Those datas are then use to manage assets, resources and services efficiently.

Smart Cities thus seeks to reconcile the social, cultural and environmental pillars. By combining participatory governance and enlightened management of natural resources, they respond to the needs of institutions, businesses and citizens. In order to become intelligent, cities will have to develop new high-performance services in all areas: intelligent transport and mobility, sustainable environment and responsible urbanization, and intelligent housing.

At SEE, as a true specialist in our sector, we develop, create and deploy IoT equipment across a wide range of EASY Range and Edge Computing products.


The Wifi4EU program is a free internet access solution, provided by a public player. Thanks to this programme, local authorities offer a response to connectivity needs and promote the development of digital uses while boosting their tourist and economic attractiveness in their area.

SEE Group, and particularly his subsidiary SELECOM participates in the WIFI4EU program and implements a public access solution that is 100%* supported by the European Commission :

·   The study of your WiFi4EU project.

·   Setting up your network.

·   Network management and maintenance.

Your needs

Our teams offer you a tailor-made solution based on the technologies best suited to your needs.

·   Road traffic management

·   Transportation systems management

·   Public lighting systems management

·   Water supply network management

·   Waste management

·   Public security and surveillance systems management

·   Environmental risk management

·   Control of air and water pollution levels

·   Measurement of electromagnetic levels


Audio, video and DATA dispatcher supervision system centralises all your information using a single application.

A Rugged Edge Computer Embedded with Smart Technology.

A simless autonomous solution. Just plug easypod to your existing solutions, and play !

Connect, Locate and Manage Devices Over Long Range.

Replacing multiple terminals with one smart embedded edge computer.

Geolocate and Manage all your Data Remotely Easy to Use, Install and Activate.

SEE offers you a complete set of solutions.

Use cases

TCL / SYTRAL / France –Smart Bus Fleet Management

Moselle Country Council (D57) – Equipment of 50 surveillance cameras on solar panels

Tignes City Council – Radiocommunication system acquisition according to TETRA standard

Indre Country Council (D36) – 800 radio coverage measurements

Saint-Georges-sur-Baulches – INPT coverageoptimization

RTM / France – Smart transportation

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