With over 50 years leading expertise and experience in indoor communications, we provide a complete set of solutions that extends the service continuity of radio coverage, critical & mobile communications,FM/DAB and GPS services. At SEE Critical Comms we provide you with reliable solutions to guarantee an excellent network for your buildings.

Both mobile and public safety operators face the challenge of delivering comprehensive coverage within a building in an accessible manner. Our global solution offers you a set of efficient and adaptable products to provide a full indoor service for radio, TETRA, PMR, FM, DAB, P25, DMR, 4G and GPS networks.

Our network coverage solutions can be adapted to large infrastructures such as :


Our radio and mobile technologies are adapted to hospitals. Indeed, our network solution allows us to ensure an irreproachable communication in hospital sites according to their needs by guaranteeing their security according to public safety and private standards.

Shopping Centers and Malls

Operators, on-site workers and consumers need to be always connected to their mobile applications. In this context, our elements provide you with optimal network coverage for an entire shopping mall while guaranteeing visitors security.

Business offices and convention centers

Thanks to the reliability of our in-building means, we can equip offices and congress centers, so you benefit from an efficient, secure and controllable radio and mobile coverage for your private network in compliance with public and private standards.

Stadiums and gymnasiums

The organization of major sporting or other events requires the respect of strong security constraints. Our radio and mobile communication solutions meet these precise needs. We equip sports arenas and our products allow you to have a flawless communication between the different operators to guarantee the security of the event.

Festivities rooms

In the event industry, organization is just as important as in sports events. SEE Criticial Comms makes your private network secure to allow reliable operational communication and, in the event of an emergency, allow public security services to intervene in good condition.


SEE offers you a complete set of solutions to extend the continuity of your indoor radio coverage service.

SEE offers you a complete set of solutions.

Audio, video and DATA dispatcher supervision system centralises all your information using a single application.

SEE offers you a complete set of solutions to extend the continuity of your outdoor radio coverage service.

SEE offers you a complete set of solutions.

Use cases

Royal Atlantis Hotel in Dubai – TETRA coverage extension

REEM Mall Center in Abu Dhabi – Radio and mobile infrastructure optimization

PARIS Airport – Radio infrastructure installation and repairs

CHMLV Hospital – TETRA / GSM / UMTS shared coverage

EIFFAGE – 2G/3G/4G radio coverage of SEMTCAR’s offices (7,000m²) in Rennes

E.LECLERC Angoulème – 2G / 3G radio coverage of the shopping centre

Philippines – 2G/3G/4G coverage extension network

Singapore / Vietnam – TETRA Coverage Extension

Paris 5*CosteHotel / France – Cellular network coverage extension

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